∞ Live it up while you can ∞
∞ Live it up while you can ∞

My name is Tiffany.
I am 20 years young:) College Student Class of 2016! ♥
I'm fascinated by a lot of different things ♥ ♥

I have another tumblr blog: timetogooutandexplore
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If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull. Bette Davis (via realsushi)

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I see now that I didn’t know a thing about love before I met you. When it’s right, like it is with us, it doesn’t make your life harder, it makes your life better, even when it’s hard. R. K. Lilley (Tristan, Bad Things)

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We live in a generation raised by the internet. (via iamcharliesangel)
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I’m definitely pro-selfie. I think that anybody who’s anti-selfie is really just a hater. Because, truthfully, why shouldn’t people take pictures of themselves? When I’m on Instagram and I see that somebody took a picture of themselves, I’m like, ‘Thank you.’ I don’t need to see a picture of the sky, the trees, plants. There’s only one you. I could Google image search ‘the sky’ and I would probably see beautiful images to knock my socks off. But I can’t Google, you know, ‘What does my friend look like today?’ For you to be able to take a picture of yourself that you feel good enough about to share with the world – I think that’s a great thing. Ezra Koenig (via iamcharliesangel)

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March 4th, the only day that is also a sentence. John Green (via iamcharliesangel)

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People who are traveling are more likely to fall in love because they are ready. (via iamcharliesangel)

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You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed. Shinji Moon (via iamcharliesangel)

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Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead. Rick Owens (via iamcharliesangel)

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